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Matmos music video Directed by Joseph Armario

Here’s a version of it. computer base again. sounds like snails would sound like if bickering. Weird. 

Maryanne Amacher “Sound Characters” (1999)-when played at eh right pitch/volume, the underlying tone can be heard. series of multimedia installations were produced by her while studying this phenom. 


Alvin Lucier “Music for solo performer” (1965)-falls under experimental music. Author was known for composing using this in addition to sound installations in auditory. 


Paul Demarinis “Cincinatti 1830-1850” (1991)-another computer based artist. Consists of synthesized speech and optics in computers. 


Trevor Wishart “Vox 5” (1990)- very interested in dealing with the human voice and its trasnformation via technology. Use of extended vocal techniques. 

> Milton Babbitt- “Who Cares If You Listen”: The critique from an audience is the worst. This author explains the longevity of the idea of music even though it is being criticized. Its presence remains whether terrible or terrific. 

> Bob Ostertag- “On Sooner or Later”: describes his experience with survival during tumultuous times in El Salvador. Struggles also furthered in the dealing with ultimatums such as death. 

> Bob Ostertag- “Why Computer Music Sucks”: IT SUCKS because according to Ostertag music is a superior next to computers. He describes it as being too uniform and limited based on what the system can offer due to the specificity of its purpose for whatever sounds it is told to make. 

> Charles Dodge- “On Speech Songs”: “He Destroyed Her image” is one of his renowned pieces. Mostly explains his doings in the Bell lab to create electronic music. 

> Trevor Wishart “On Sonic Art”-comparisons between human language and music. Sentence structure and music composition aren’t; different in actuality.